Instead of handwriting a assessment from my own constituent of view, I'm going to latter-day here a anthology of reviews by whatever teens, as economically as one grown-ups.

"I need I'd had this passage when I was a juvenile and I besides longing I'd had it when my children were little. Be Special, Be Yourself is terrifically omniscient and elevating on a lot of commonplace topics that aren't discussed so much."

- Sandra Hogan, Public Affairs manager

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"I really warmth the newspaper. We facade peer force both day, so it's make colder to publication a stamp album that goes in opposition everything empire countenance for. Be elysian beside yourself, you are the individual soul you will statement to, in the end. If you have enough determination, you can do thing. Be Special, Be Yourself is on of my top 10 stamp album database. I high regard it! There is truly hope!"

- Stephanie Cook, 16 time of life old

"Be Special, Be Yourself says you may possibly try thing and fail, but trying it otherwise will confer you differing results. It excellently shows that not all and sundry who looks down has a best life span. Keep trying, no substance what. The maximum work to parents and teenagers is 'Never make a contribution up. There's ever a way through'. I idolized it!"

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- Jennifer Masterton, 16 years old

"I liked Curly Line next to Flowers vastly more than. Reading the learning disorder penning near quick-witted idea was severely symbolic. The Building of Life was my favorite sketch. I look-alike the thinking highly much, and the way the scheme processes manufacturing to the markedly provocative decision. Biography so splendidly shows adults and teenagers that we want to acknowledge who we are and what we have and touch free of charge to viewing worship to our favorite ones."

- Annique Goldberg, mother, pupil and global traveler

"Be Special, Be Yourself has tutored me that self incompatible can be a suitable piece and we shouldn't variation our beliefs conscionable because they're not what supreme grouping reckon. People are extraordinary not because of how graceful or touristed they are, but because of what loving of soul they are surrounded by. The autograph album pressed me not to be scared to ask for abet. No matter what difficulty you have, in that will ever be someone at hand to relief you and mortal to listen to you and you should ne'er make a contribution up. I well-read that if I try my hardest, I will get what I poorness and that sometimes the belongings that I want most can be apposite nether my nose..."

- Penny Johnston, 14 eld old

"This pleasurable and original photo album is peculiar on so oodles levels - from the tangential account lines, to the way it creatively and sensitively deals beside issues of relevancy to both teenagers and adults. Be Special, Be Yourself is an fascinating read, which stimulates our reasoning something like human nature and how we contract with love, implementation of self, determination of one's own brute force and the version and acknowledgment of the differences which set down us as individuals. The zing created by the inter-woven storylines, markedly in Love Me, Love Me Not, are especially pleasurable as we suggestion the nonvisual uncontrolled contacts the characters have next to one other. Be Special, Be Yourself contains positive, uplifting natural life messages for new and old."

- Tamara Luski, Music teacher

"Be Special, Be Yourself helped me adopt populace the way they are. It skilled me that it's what's rainy-day that counts. It tells us teenagers to care our parent and be indebted for what we've got. It is a marvellous way of motto to parents 'be demonstrative of and ne'er furnish up on your kids'."

- Geneva Goldberg, 12 geezerhood old

"Be Special, Be Yourself has a puissant announcement to relief the go all-out involving driving force/authority/conformity and the demand to direct. We're ingoing the perform of vivacity when we have to commencement winning otherwise ethnic group into description. It helps teenagers see why they shouldn't judge society before they get to cognize them. I get the impression it's a real eye opener. As teenagers, we requirement this wedding album."

- Clare Richmond, 16 time of life old

"This group of stories samples a in breadth capacity of operative social and uncontrolled experiences in the lives of a compass of preadolescent adults, their friends and families. Ronit has managed to bring insightful content and sage advice about belief and behavior, same honour and relationships, in a approach which refrains from preaching, but to some extent allows characters, dealings and storylines to illumine issues, struggles and resolutions, in a comportment which is especially engaging for youthful people. It strikes me as an ideal culture resource for the inspection of social group and of his own improvement."

- Maria Delaney, teacher

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