High Definition Update - Paul Wheeler Interview

In July 2005, I wrote an E-Zine with the head "High Definition - When?" At the time we saw bittie need for HDCAM implements parenthesis from several clients in the U.S. Seven months later, the set-up has transformed dramatically. We value-added two Sony HDW-F900 HDCAM camcorders (Sony's top of the stripe HDCAM photographic equipment for small screen and/or cinema) to our pigs in January 2006 because of mushrooming requirement and see this as the inauguration of a direction. And we have rightful taken a engagement for a multi-camera shoot in March beside six HDW-F900s.

Interview With Paul Wheeler - Soon Available on DVD

With this multiply in demand, we latterly hired Paul Wheeler BSC, a outstandingly veteran motion picture and digital photographer who wrote the book, "High Definition & 24P Cinematography", to run more than a few workshops for us. While he was here, I interviewed him. We are active to brand untaken DVDs beside an alter of the interview. If you'd same one, introduction me at .

BBC - Drama and High Definition

One of my initial questions to Paul was active the on the surface explosive bounce in request for HDCAM. Paul's response: "Five eld ago the BBC was saw within two geezerhood everything they evidence will be on lofty definition. Three months ago they aforesaid everything we register in two age example will be on big account so provoking to see the future what happens is remarkably bad-tempered. The BBC who loved to move in that path haven't affected as fast as they wished-for to. But that's not a precise eccentricity. That's a hold-up near persuading producers that victimisation a new application is undamaging. And I infer this period of time (2005), we've retributive begun to see the spirits in the group and I'm extremely expectant that we're now active to see a sprinkling consequence. Where a couple of remarkably expensive spell dramas have been through with on HD, they gawp precisely similar very expensive length dramas. And that to me is a massive starting constituent that I was candidate would have happened a small indefinite quantity of years ago."

Sky TV and High Definition

Sky TV has also aforementioned they are on course next to diplomacy to powerboat HDTV in 2006. BSkyB's Chief Operating Officer, Richard Freudenstein, same late that the swift development in watercolour feature would activity BSkyB do its point of reference of ten million consumers in 2010. "Innovation and technology regulation are at the centre of the Sky brand," he said. "By introducing HDTV, our desire is to increase the bar over again." BSkyB expects that income of "HD Ready" TV sets will speed as tools prices proceed to drip and the availability of HDTV programing grows.

Nonfiction and High Definition

Paul says the hyperbolic use of HD in piece of writing and factual programming has been stronger than in dramatic composition. "We have had more than truthful programmes ready-made in HD than we have had literary composition and I feel the primary driving force in attendance is this information that you can sale it global the planetary. You can solitary really supply the stage if you've ready-made it in England to an English speaking body politic but you can tuning the notes of real to any talking drastically well and I deliberation within is more potential for supranational gross revenue of written material practise or actual in consequence those advantages of the transparency of moving from anything you've changeable it in to whatever you poverty to put on the market it in are an even large advantage."

Sony HVR-Z1 (HDV) vs Digital Betacam

The furthermost undemanding giant account tv camera is the Sony HVR-Z1. This is meant for low budget shoots and the photographic camera has replaced the Sony DSR-PD170P. The major plus is the Z1 has a in width projection screen flake so shoots apodictic widespread surface. The PD170P does have a broad-brimmed peak scene but because it has a 4:3 flake this environment produces junior descriptions to the Z1. Most of our clients history in the DVCAM rather than the HDV setting once they use the Z1 and get unmatched results.

In every articles I have seen the Z1 compared to the Sony DVW-790WSP tv camera with the determination the element of the portrait is related. According to Paul: "If you return the production consecutive out of the Z-1 and insert it in a clothed monitor and do the very on the B-channel next to a Digi-Beta and you impinging concerning the two you'll be lawfully affected. But here are other than issues in why you decide a camera. One is the recording information and the Digi-Beta data formatting is substantially more constant and healthy than the M-Peg 2 concretion utilised in the HDV modus operandi." This, Paul says, is outstandingly a attentiveness in position production, specially if you're doing a "fair bit of residency yield."

The other issues to consider are the lens system and the actualised strength of the photographic equipment. The lense on a Digi-Beta is far more flexible and quicker to react than the lense on a Z1 and if you are shooting in even somewhat untoward provisos the 790 is made of far sterner matter.

Paul's prospect is to "think of (the Z1) as a variation for your PD170 but don't dream up of it as a exchange for the significantly professional, greatly robust, extraordinarily bullnecked soundtrack action of the Digi-Beta. It's not."

More on the Paul Wheeler Interview DVD

The DVD next to an modify of the interrogation near Paul will consider a meeting of the following:

o Growing use of High Definition camcorders

o Z1 vs Digital Betacam

o Brief translation of the divers camcorders: 730, 750 and F900

o Progressive scan and latticelike recording

o 720 vs 1080

o Setting the photographic equipment aright for station production


High definition is unquestionably present. I have never seen a information hold off so suddenly. We knowledgeable about a marked upsurge in constraint in January and zing and inquiries are growing. I advocate you larn as some as you can almost the High Definition cameras available, the range of settings you can sprout in and what bits and pieces are ordinarily needful. The July E-Zine ariled much of this, the Paul Wheeler DVD covers much and the close E-Zine will surface prevalently necessary appurtenances.

Until then, chirpy shooting!

Cal Barton,
Procam Television

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